About the IT Countrey Justice

This site is designed primarily as a repository for essays, papers and commentaries that I have written over the years about Law and IT.  I have been encouraged in this project by friends and students, rather like Edmund Plowden who, in the Preface to his Commentaries (1571) wrote;

“…letters were sent to me…requesting and encouraging me to make it public and at last, upon these and other motives, and hoping that it might be of some benefit to the students of law, I resolved (as you see I have done) to put it in print”

The “it” to which Plowden referred was his case book.

The title is an adaptation of one from another book by an early modern law writer. Michael Dalton, a lawyer and Master in Chancery, published a handbook for Justices of the Peace in 1618  entitled “The Countrey Justice” which remained the principal work on the subject for the next 128 years. (I have maintained Dalton’s spelling of the title).

It is my hope that by making this information available it may prove interesting and useful to those who have an interest in the field – be they students, lawyers or others.

The Countrey Justice


2 thoughts on “About the IT Countrey Justice

  1. Hi there,

    I’m a journalist keen to get in touch with David Harvey regarding an article I’m currently working on.
    Just wondering what the best way of doing this would be?

    Kind regards,


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